About Arp

Arp Radio is a web music player whose aim is two-fold: to provide artists a means to reach new audiences and listeners a unified hub to find new music. Whether you are within the crypto space or not, everyone can benefit from the offerings at Arp.

Music in web3 is an attempt for artists to empower themselves while allowing them to interact with their fans in new ways. However, in its current form, this typically results in siloed communities that reach even less people than before.

Historically, radio stations of the past were the #1 pathway of discovering new music for fans. Music was provided freely to the masses, and when a listener resonated with the music, they were much more likely to support the artist. This system was not without its problems. The music that was pushed on the airwaves was greatly influenced by the major labels, in what became known as payola.

This legacy platform was distrupted with the advent of digital media, as more and more listeners turned to the internet for their music discovery. This led to mass piracy, then eventually, the streaming model we are very familiar with today. While the potential for artists to monetize their content increased, the fact of the matter is they make a fraction of the royalty payments that used to exist, despite the technological innovation.

Arp Radio looks to bring back the same function radio created for music discovery, while providing a transparent means of producing the playlist. Leveraging the technology offered with the consensus models of cryptocurrency, Arp utilizes the Cardano blockchain to create a playlist order built on criteria exclusively controlled by the community. This also engages artists and listeners directly, as fans have a direct link to each artist featured on the application.

White Paper coming soon! Check the current progress here!